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Our Mission

‘Using the media to finance community impact, globally’

Our Vision

‘When people think creativity they think Cre8ion’

Our Values

‘With honesty and integrity we aim to embrace adventure by accomplishing the seemingly impossible together’


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360° Marketing

With 360° marketing, Cre8ion can tell your story across multiple media streams covering Marketing, Design, Digital, Editorial, and Production. Covering all angles, your brand will come to life through breathtaking websites, sleek apps, stunning photography, slick promotional videos, and much more, all driven by a creative strategy to ensure everyone is pulling in the right direction.

Set a goal so big that you can't achieve it until you grow into the company who can.
Doing business led by purpose is truly your unique selling point.


Through a workshop we meet together with you to discover why. This meeting enables us to find out exactly what it is you want to accomplish and marry that with your mission, vision and values to produce a truly tailored marketing strategy to tell your unique story. We are also able to measure your expectations and conduct P.E.S.T and S.W.O.T analyses to get to grips with your strengths and weaknesses, using this valuable knowledge to move forward.


Creative Strategy

This is where we build a full 360 degree marketing strategy for your business. Taking what we learned from the workshop, we apply our marketing knowledge and creative thinking to build a marketing strategy that is specific to you. After presenting this, to make sure you're happy, we then produce three creative brand concepts for you to choose from to start visually telling your story.

The ship that you are waiting for to come in may very well be the ship you need to build.

Elevating Your Brand

Every worker needs tools, and Cre8ion will provide you with the best brand toolkit for your business to succeed. The brand toolkit includes an in depth brand guide document outlining typefaces, logo use, imagery and more, all packaged and supplied digitally so your visual identity can be communicated expertly. With this valuable visual identity, your company will have a consistent message elevating your reputation everywhere.

Everything you are going through is preparing you for what you asked for.

Implementing Your Brand

Now that your business has a distinctive brand, it's time to put it to work. Here at Cre8ion, we have a talented team that can implement your brand across multiple media streams. We can build a company website that takes your breath away, complementing it with regular editorial content written with SEO in mind to always keep people interested. And why stop there? We can also produce stunning photography, promotional videos and service all of your visual print and web needs with our graphic design services.

Building your brand is just the beginning. With expert brand implementation, we will make sure that your story gets told in a powerful way with infinite possibilities.

Successful brands know the way, show the way, and go all the way.

Client Services

With our client services, we will work together to achieve consistent results using our 360 degree marketing tools. We are always on the end of the phone to provide support with any issues you're having, whether you need us to update your website, talk about more services or you would just like a chat about how things are going now that your brand is up and running. We won't leave you to go it alone.

This time next year you wish you would have started today.

Meet theTeam

Our team create brand stories to engage the right kind of enquiry.
With our 5 dedicated streams of Marketing, Digital, Design, Editorial and Production we aim to help your company make a big splash.

Darrell Irwin
Head of Marketing
George Tunnah
Head of Design
Simon Cowling
Head of Digital
Clare Irwin
Head of Editorial
Laci Nemeth
Head of Production
Mike Owen
Web Developer
Nathan Logan
Graphic Designer
Andrius Bartulis
Web Developer
Jemima Owen
Mark Rogers
Video Editor


Why not book a free consultation with Cre8ion and discover just how we can help you tell your story across multiple media streams.

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