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Give your message momentum.

What Will Your 2017 Vision Look Like?

The New Year is upon us, bringing new challenges, opportunities and successes along with it. Success depends on effort and determination, and just a sprinkle of luck. In order to make your business thrive in the New Year, you need to be crystal-clear on your mission, vision and values. In our previous post we looked at how Cre8ion can help you define your mission statement. Next up, we’ll look at the importance of having a clear vision for a business, and how we can help you to attain it.

It’s all about your vision

As part of our process at Cre8ion, we focus on what’s unique about you to amplify and tell your story. Working together with you and your employees, we define what your vision is. We look at where you are today and where you want to be, to create a unique road-map of getting there. This is your unique vision. A vision statement needn’t be long but it needs to be effective. You can choose to have a single sentence or even a short paragraph to define your end goals and how you plan on getting there.

Motivation, motivation, motivation

Having a vision statement is a powerful way to motivate your employees and communicate your goals across the whole company, once it expands. According to research by Joseph Folkman, who founded Novations and Zenger Folkman, “there is a substantial positive impact to an organization when employees can see how their work contributes to the company’s vision.” This is why it’s so important that everyone is on the same page and feel like their ideas contribute to the entire vision of the company. Our workshops aim to do just that and by working together we can crystallise a unique vision statement that would help tell your story to your potential customers and keep your employees motivated, too.

So what will your vision look like this year? Make sure that your business is ready to thrive in 2017, and see how Cre8ion can help create your new marketing strategy and branding for 2017 and beyond.

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