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Essential WordPress Plugins That Will Make Your Website Thrive

At Cre8ion, we love WordPress. Why? The many WordPress plugins, for instance, can save you tons of time, helping you make changes without being an expert in HTML code, embedding SEO-friendly titles without you having to change the text, and optimising your images with ease.

When it comes to actually installing these plugins, you do need to be running a WordPress installation on a server – they won’t work on a ‘’ domain. To get an in-depth understanding of the difference between the two, and for more reasons on why we love WordPress, check out our previous blog post.

Edit code more easily with WPIDE plugin

Created by Simon @ WP Sites

This plugin is perfect for making quick changes on your company’s website straight from the WordPress backend. Essentially, it saves you the hassle of FTP access to servers. What does this mean? That it’s easy to grant access to anyone in your team, even if they’re not a server whizz. With this plugin, they don’t need to know the ins and outs of FTP and server access to make quick changes to your WordPress website. Beware though, with great power comes great responsibility; you are directly editing the code of your website’s theme, therefore make sure you or whoever is using this plugin knows what they’re doing!

WP IDE 1, Cre8ion

Boost your website traff ic with YOAST SEO plugin

Created by Team Yoast

When it comes to digital marketing, having the right SEO keywords is crucial if you want to drive more traffic to your website. The YOAST SEO plugin allows you to add SEO optimised titles and meta descriptions to your pages, boosting your ratings on search engines. As an added bonus, it also checks that the keywords you use are consistent. Oh, and it generates XML sitemaps (which Google loves).

YOAST 1, Cre8ion

Save time by letting PB SEO Friendly Images plugin boost your SEO ratings

Created by Pascal Bajorat

We shared a great simple tip for optimising your SEO keywords by changing the names of your uploaded files and images on one of our previous blog posts. All it involves is changing the file name or the alt text for each file or image to an SEO keyword. It’s an area that often gets overlooked when building websites, but one that can significantly boost your Google rankings with the help of a few simple tweaks. And this plugin will do the hard work for you, so you don’t have to manually change the name of each image or file that you upload.

PB SEO 1, Cre8ion

Improve your website’s loading speed with EWWW Image Optimizer

Created by Shane Bishop

This genius and easy-to-use tool will compress all images on your website to smaller dimensions that you can set. This will save you tons of time as you no longer need to decrease the size of an image before uploading it. What’s more, the EWWW Image Optimizer will optimise the quality and file size of each image, improving your website’s loading speed. Whether a web page is accessed from a computer or a mobile device, this plugin will ensure that the images load faster.

EWWW Image Optimiser 1, Cre8ion

These nifty plugins will help you free up your time by eliminating those mundane, yet important tasks, that have to get done when creating a successful website or digital marketing campaigns. But if you’d rather leave the hard work to a professional marketing agency, then contact us today – we’ll be happy to hear from you!

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