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Give your message momentum.

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Give your message momentum.

A Phone Call Away to a Successful Brand

Effective brand marketing doesn’t just end when a new website for your business is launched. ‘Aftercare’ is vital in digital marketing when you want to establish a strong brand identity. The good news is that, with our client services, you’re never left to conquer the digital marketing landscape on your own.

Ready, steady, brand!

At Cre8ion, we pride ourselves on our unique 360° marketing model that we offer to all our clients. (And if you don’t think your business needs one, think again! Read our previous blog post to find out about all the great benefits you could gain from a unique marketing strategy.) But successful marketing is more than just having a great marketing strategy. It’s also about how your brand identity is implemented after your brand new website is launched. To help you make your marketing strategy work in practice, we’ll provide you with an essential brand toolkit that you can use to promote your business across multiple media streams, from digital to production to editorial. But we’ll do more than that. We’ll also provide you with ongoing support throughout your journey.

24/7 tailored support

We believe that “Ongoing communication promotes ongoing business growth.” This also means ongoing support. After we’ve built and launched your new website, we’ll look after you by offering a hosting package that includes 24/7 site uptime monitoring, weekly backups, a dedicated virtual private server (no shared hosting) and minor content amends. This is all part of our hosting package that you’ll receive after your website goes live, so you’re never left to face any technical issues on your own. 

All it takes is one phone call

With our client services, we will work together to achieve consistent results using our 360° marketing tools. And we’ll always be on the end of the phone to provide support with any issues you’re having, whether you need us to update your website, talk about more services or you would just like a chat about how things are going now that your brand is up and running. Working together as a team, we won’t leave you to do it alone.

So if you’re ready to boost your business by investing in a new brand marketing strategy, contact us today.

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