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Give your message momentum.

No Cons, Only Pros: Why Your Business Should Absolutely Invest in a Blog

Every other person seems to have a blog these days. The same goes for businesses – and with good reasons behind it. Although blogging may seem like a time-consuming task, especially if you’re running a small company where resources can be scarce, it’s an investment that will pay off in the long-run. Here’s why.

‘B’ for boosting sales

While it may not seem that blogging will lead to direct sales, in fact the opposite is true. See our previous post to find out how one of our clients Selectronic attracted the likes of Ferrari by blogging about their brand new TFT screens!

‘L’ for leader

When making a purchase or choosing a service, a defining factor for many customers is the credibility of a business that they’re buying from. People want to use the services of brands who know what they’re talking about. Having a regular blog on relevant topics can help cement the reputation of your business, coming across as an expert or a leader in your field. Besides, it’s fun to share all that knowledge with the world.

‘O’ for optimisation

Having regular fresh content on your blog means that you have more to share on your website and social media networks. Not only does this increase your visibility – if you write about topics that are relevant to your customers and add value to their lives, they are much more likely to subscribe to your newsletter and updates. In the long run, they’re much more likely to use your products or services.

One way to ensure that your audience can easily find your blog is by designing each post around their needs – what questions are they wondering about? What might they struggle with? Blogs are not designed for direct marketing – instead, they are a way to gain your customer’s trust by providing them with something useful for free. It’s also important to optimise your posts by keeping SEO in mind. For a simple guide to SEO, see our previous post.

‘G’ for Google

Most people nowadays rely on search engines when they look for a product or a service, so you need to make sure that you come at the top of Google search to make it easier for your customers to find you. When they see a topic on your blog that catches their interest, they are likely to share it on their social media channels or even reference your products/services in their blogs. They may also write a review for your company. All this contributes to better exposure on Google – when this search engine assesses your website, it takes back-links into account. Back-links are the links to your website that appear on other websites and social media channels. The more people share your content, the better your exposure on Google. And the more content there is, the more people can share. For more tips on how to climb the Google ladder, see our previous blog post.

‘S’ for Success

In our fast-paced world of technology, there are countless tales about the success of businesses that’s grown from effective blogging. From SEO experts, to wine industry giants and millionaires, meet the world’s top 10 most inspirational and successful bloggers on Lifehack.

Ready to start your own blog and boost your marketing strategy? We’ll be happy to help! Get in touch with us today.

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