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Looking Beyond

A legacy that lasts.

Looking Beyond

A legacy that lasts.

Brave - Business

Rebel against blockers to growth and change using the Brave methodology to solve communication challenges and experience breakthrough in 90 days


Brave - Directing Change

Previously known as Well Prepared Training – Sara and Rhi had been working with medium sized companies offering training that covered leadership and self-development, rather than technical skills. A change of tack was what they were after, something that reflected longer-term thinking. It started with a name change to Brave. They would be a company that goes into other companies to bring change.

Becoming an authority

Brave wanted to be seen as an authority in employee development as well as operating in new ways that were more altruistic than those traditionally found in the corporate world. We helped them to create a set of solutions that would enable them to position the company in just such a way. This meant public speaking engagements, webinars and even school visits and social media campaigns. This was all backed up by a new set of materials, website and branding that reflected the Brave principles.

Notebook V2 copy

'The rebel collective'

Cre8ion took the principles of Brave and the ‘rebel collective’ to inspire a striking set of visual assets including free runners and messy textures with overlays of directional arrows all symbolising the movement, change and risk required to make progress as a company. This was spread across a new website, vibrant branded materials, and merchandise to send to prospective clients, encouraging them to be brave and make a call.

Taking the next step

Brave have a track record of inspiring positive change within companies that would otherwise have remained stationary. Armed with a new name and visual identity Brave are now poised to walk alongside organisations and groups that want to progress and step into the next part of their journey.


Website - BRAVE

Brave mobile copy

The result

We took Well Prepared Training and transformed them into a truer reflection of what they offer, helping them to tell a compelling story from the front page – “Rebelling against blockers to growth.” They can now help others to direct change in their companies. 

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CDZ have a modern and inspiring website, clear messaging and an incredible back story showcased. We must say, many of us love tech in all it’s guises and this website certainly does reflect a new way, while showing just how far we have progressed! Check out the website

We build brands that inspire belief and create belonging, to become the best in their sector and go beyond expectations.

Our process all starts with the playbook, a workshop that will get to the core of your value proposition and clarify how you can connect with customers.

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