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Looking Beyond

A legacy that lasts.

Looking Beyond

A legacy that lasts.

Carbon Savvy - Environmental

Your trusted guide to improving quality of life while reducing your carbon footprint.

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Carbon - Savvy - Top level carbon calculators

Carbon Savvy are providers of in-depth carbon-footprint calculators that allow you to get a strong idea of the impact you have on the ecology of the world around you. They also have solutions to enable you to improve your quality of life at the same time as reducing your carbon footprint. Their offering is more relevant than ever and Cre8ion stepped in to help them develop the calculators for wider use.

A purpose led approach

The calculators developed by Carbon Savvy are detailed and in depth and, in order to help make them accessible to the widest number possible, an extensive user experience and user interface process was needed. The current brand had to be integrated so there was a consistent feel between the website and the online calculators. A shareable report that people could download after completing the calculator was also important. Above all, the ease of use and consistent messaging was key to sharing Carbon Savvy’s story.


Finding the right fit

Carbon Savvy had a pre-existing brand, but the current calculator felt removed from the established identity. With the new calculators we implemented a lot more of the style and messaging of the brand alongside the friendlier interface design to make the customer journey a complete one, from website introduction to an actionable report. An important aspect of the design was to make the journey easily traversable regardless of if the calculator was the ‘taster’ or the ‘full’ in-depth version.

An innovative approach

Utilising the current styles of Carbon Savvy, we have overhauled the carbon calculators, so they are now a perfect fit to the website and an intuitive way to get informed. They are now in a position where they can be utilised by councils and corporations, which enables Carbon Savvy to reach more people and make a bigger impact on the important issues that they seek to make people aware of.


UI UX - Carbon Savvy

Carbon Savvy 2

The result

Carbon Savvy have an important mission and vision, but their calculators were not ready to meet the demands of their ambition. Cre8ion helped to create an easy-to-use set of calculators that carry the visual messaging of Carbon Savvy, helping them to get more people measuring their impact than ever before and helping them inspire greater change for the sake of the planet. Check out the website

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CDZ have a modern and inspiring website, clear messaging and an incredible back story showcased. We must say, many of us love tech in all it’s guises and this website certainly does reflect a new way, while showing just how far we have progressed! Check out the website

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