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Looking Beyond

A legacy that lasts.

Looking Beyond

A legacy that lasts.

Pickle - Emergency Trades

Pickle’s mission is to empower rapid responses for vetted trades and services to repair and resolve emergency situations worldwide.

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Pickle - We Resolve Real Problems

Pickle are a new start up looking to shake up the Emergency Call Out industry. With no name but a crafty idea we worked together with Digital Notion, Di9ital and Cre8ion to launch a brand and MVP. This collaborative project would start working with Locksmiths and then begin to scale with other services such as Plumbing, Fitters, and Electricians.

The side hustle

The founder of the idea, Dunja, had spent many years working in the fire service and, as is common in the fire brigade, she has a side hustle. In Dunja’s case, it was a locksmith service which grew quickly, due to the fact that she was female and reassured the elderly and vulnerable. 

This germ of an idea grew as it became clear alternative call outs often overcharged, delivered poorly and in some cases the client felt intimidated to ask the right questions. It was time to take her idea and scale it.

In a pickle?

Using the English turn of phrase ‘In a Pickle’ we created a brand that was friendly to the end user while engaging the suppliers of services. Pickle leads with bright and engaging colours and showcases the types of situations and circumstances we have all faced and didn’t know where to turn. We needed to convey trust and also that, when in a pickle, we’ll be able to get the right help to you as quickly as possible. The website would encourage download and the search and onboarding would be handled by the app. 

Enter: the batphone

The whole project was birthed out of Dunja’s concern about companies taking advantage within the ‘call out’ space. Many of us waste valuable time in an emergency situation searching Google  or members of the older generation thumb through the Yellow Pages. Furthermore, the ‘norm’ of overcharging, and even underdelivering had left an odd taste in Dunja’s mouth. We wanted an app that everyone would turn to in their hour of need. Also, people would know that the ‘superhero’ who comes to the rescue has the caller’s best interests at heart. 


Website - Pickle

Pickle 2

The result

Our website has gone LIVE – and there you can download our app and gain the reassurance you need for life on your terms, even if the worst happens.

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CDZ have a modern and inspiring website, clear messaging and an incredible back story showcased. We must say, many of us love tech in all it’s guises and this website certainly does reflect a new way, while showing just how far we have progressed! Check out the website

We build brands that inspire belief and create belonging, to become the best in their sector and go beyond expectations.

Our process all starts with the playbook, a workshop that will get to the core of your value proposition and clarify how you can connect with customers.

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