How to guard your heartset against attacks from the dream stealers.

Making choices to align your life with your heartset may cause you to clash with people that lead with mindset. Having a healthy mindset may well help you to ascend to the top of your field or position within a place of work, but when you start listening to your heartset, the way you operate will change. One of the first things you are faced with is making big choices… and then you have to keep on making them.

When you hear what is on your heart you can’t then forget the voice that lives in there. The choices you make subsequently will be according to that God-given destiny that you have finally tuned into. Your first test comes when you are faced with making choices of conviction over choices of circumstance.
At some point you are going to have to commit to ‘purpose’ and that will mean change. Now, I would like to say that the changes you make will be small, but the truth is that, when you make choices according not your conviction it will actually cost you. These choices will cost you friends, family and fortune but they will gain you peace, power and true potential.
Once you have made that one time change to transport you from your current situation into a place of the unknown, you will have to continue to make big choices to walk on the road called purpose.
It’s a funny thing, when I started this journey I was very aware I was making the choices for me and then my wife, and now I’m making choices for my whole family. Today, I’m very aware that the choices I make go beyond that even. I can help people step into their purpose by making the right choices and then keep living them out. I want to help people to switch their focus and learn to make generational choices. The role we have to play can shape the future and its effects can be felt long after we have left the land of the living.
If we follow what our heart is set upon (heartset) rather than just what our mind is set on (mindset), we are prioritising the impact we’ll have on others. I am a firm believer that if we do this, the income will take care of itself. Leading with mindset means prioritising income and leaving impact for later.
What are we here for after all? I believe we all have a purpose to fulfil and it concerns the needs of others. Our true value can’t be found in money and stuff. Our insecurities get magnified when our value is in the wrong place. We need to know that we are intrinsically purposeful and valuable.
I guess what I am trying to say is that following our hearts and making an impact will give our lives more meaning than just working on our mindset with a view to upping our own standard of living. Prioritise heartset ahead of mindset to avoid living a life that is only skin deep. Our image might look great from the outside but the heart inside suffers. We lose compassion, empathy and are less sensitive to being kind. We fall into leading from position and not from our passion. We disconnect.
Heartset establishes your purpose, power and potential, mindset determines how we think, feel and behave. When you have this in the right order powerful things happen, it gives you the balance to be set for life. 
Heartset + Mindset = Set for life
If we listen to our hearts we won’t just be after status for ourselves, there’ll be more than one winner. We’ll be able to collaborate rather than compete, happy to celebrate the success of others and comfortable even if we are no longer part of it.
The moment you try to listen to your heart and make the right choices people will come to distract you. Some may appear to be allies at the start but they’ll be threatened by your progress.
It’s not always a personal thing against you, rather a conflict that they have within themselves. Your actions, no matter how unintentional they are, spark them into living out there worst side.
Sadly, we live in a world where we will come across hurt people and not always healed people. When you live in heartset you will have to go deeper and deal with a few things that heal the heart (more on that next time), but hurt people often hurt people. Knowing how to navigate through them will help you continue to live the dream rather then allowing them to steal it.
Living a blockbuster life means we will have to deal with people who feel better when others fail rather than flourish. Don’t let that hold you back, know that everyone is on their own journey and your reaction will, in time, get them to reconsider their actions long after you have moved on.
So, watch out for…
The Flick Flackers:
They have a position of influence but no courage of conviction. They are perpetually stuck in a ‘play it safe’ mode. The thing is though, never making a decision is actually making a decision and it leads to a life of frustration. These people look to people please and, before you know it, years have flown by.
My advice: Do it anyway and get it done.
Double minded people never have any clarity. Ultimately, we are all responsible for the choices we make. Make your life count, own your choices and make moves… now… away from doubt, disbelief and dithering. Create a life of purpose and fulfill your potential.
The Bigmissers:
A bully that hides themselves as a victim. To everyone that is willing to listen they present a compelling story, with a sprinkle of humility. Yet as they get to know you, you become a threat, and they’ll slowly plot your downfall. They spend their time discussing people rather than vision and you realise that when you are not in the room, you too will be the subject of their chatter. Often found in key support roles they’ll hinder the progression of what you deem most important. Forever an obstacle and a fan of creating red tape.
They always appear under appreciated, should be earning more, and of course be more famous then they currently are in the company they find themselves in. Bigmiss was always close to winning big but will always remain small in stature for as long as they look to harm others.
Stay focussed enough to be a big hitter.
Kindness always wins. Guilt might kick in as they reflect on their low life actions as a reminder not to do it anymore. Your job is to focus on the job in hand and not miss the opportunities that you are faced with by being focussed on revenge. The reward is this: you live free to be you!
The Shapeshifters:
The plotters, the deceptive allies, the velvet glove with the rock in it. This person enters with all the answers while desiring to pull strings behind the scenes for their benefit. They live their life at the expense of others. People are pawns and this person is the pawn star. The level of corruption hides in plain sight but because of the smile you push aside the troubled feeling in your heart.
They have no problem bending rules and asking for forgiveness rather than permission. Moral decisions find themselves under the carpet along with the reputations of those that dared speak up. These people love the appearance of doing right but have no intention of living right.
These people find themselves in advisory roles and want you to play the game by their rules. For entrepreneurs, this can be an investor whose money attracted you, but given the choice you’d want it redacted. Or they sit on boards blocking your every move to discredit your character to mask the defects in their own.
Think outside the box they try and put you in:
Sometimes, you just have to play the role of a fool to fool the fool who thinks they are fooling you. Steve Maraboli
One of my favourite quotes. Acting dumb runs contrary for a capable leader but actually there will be times that letting people be their worst exposes them and in time they become trapped by their own actions.
The sign off:
You don’t have to fear the dream stealers but you need to know the tactics to navigate through the circumstances they create. Just like our homes need protection, security and wisdom in staying and remaining safe to intruders, home is where the heart is. Guard you heart. Not everyone should know what is in it, but you should be led by it. 
The world in which we live can be a strange place, full of broken people who, for some strange reason, feel better distracting others rather than seeking healing, walking from insecurities or making peace with their past.
Sadly, life experience teaches us that not everyone you encounter wants you to win.
Yet, as you play your game and show heart in the fight, you’ll win fans. People who have been afraid to step out begin to cheer you on and the “Boos” are drowned out in the myriad of “Woohoos”!
Don’t abort your dream or allow the naysayers to take you off track. Real winners focus on the goal. What you carry in your heart is why you live here in this moment. The goal is to continue to be brave in the face of the opposition and competition.
If you want to live an extraordinary life then you will have to make extraordinary choices. Those choices set you apart. Very few are ready to make that step, but the closer you tune into your heartset the more confident you will become to make choices propelled by belief.
Today, I’m telling you, no matter what the opposition, there is a way through, I promise you that. You can’t go to your next level with betrayers or pretenders. People with authenticity will be your electricity to help you level up. Don’t settle for second best!

Heart Set – The power behind brand story telling

You’ll often hear that dealing with the up and down life of an entrepreneur requires a certain mindset. One thing’s for sure, it’s not easy, so working on your mindset helps massively. I think we have all seen a ‘journey to success’ image in our mind’s eye, with life as a straight line, but in reality, it is full of peaks and troughs.

Life does get easier when you are surrounded by people of a similar mindset and, for me, being on the Natwest Entrepreneurial Accelerator has connected me with a community of change makers!

More Than Just Mindset 
I have learnt something about mindset from this bunch though: At some point they had all made a decision to do something for the world. Deep down, they were brave enough to ask deeper questions of themselves and then were brave enough to act. It didn’t have much to do with their mindset though, it was more to do with setting out to act on what was in their hearts – I call it their ‘heartset’ . Having the right mindset will increase your income, but having the right heartset means you increase your impact. The story of the impact you want to have on the world is the story you need to double down on. From profile to stage and website to blog, if you lead with the heart you’ll always attract attention.

If you survive on mindset alone you’ll take action and get the job done, but without heartset, you’ll eventually need a reset. When what’s in your heart doesn’t align with your actions you start to experience a drift in meaning and momentum. This in turn leads to being heartsick rather than heartfelt. Mindset works best when your heart is set on the right things rather than just maintaining a stubborn mind and denying that the heart exists.
As an entrepreneur, business owner or even elite level leader, it’s too easy to get swallowed up in day to day business rather than staying convicted by the reason we started in the first place. Mindset conditions us to break through and to keep fighting the fight. Heartset, on the other hand, reminds us of what we are fighting for – and in those tough moments when the mind is exhausted, it’s your heart that carries you over the line.
So, why wait until we get to the end of ourselves? Why not just stay in tune with what is in our heart? That will carry us, help us say no to the things that exhaust us, and keep us sharp for the journey ahead. Heartset is where courage lives and brave men and women are what we need right now. Rather than always wanting to lead, they are focussed on looking to love. The world needs people of purpose, not just people looking for position. Titles count for nothing in the trenches, it’s those that go the extra mile and care more who will win a crowd for a cause.

Leading with the Heart 
When we invest in heartset, powerful stuff happens. This is what we call alignment. The biggest transformation that heartset changes is our perspective. Our heart will always remind us to make choices for the right reasons, which the right mindset then helps us to execute.
HeartSet + MindSet = Set for life.
If mindset is the set of beliefs that shape how we think, feel and behave, heartset is the existence of our purpose, power and potential. The mind creates momentum, the heart carries the message. Each of us has a message to bring, a purpose to walk out, a voice to share and a mark to make. When heartset connects to a healthy mindset, then you are set for life.  
So, how do we recalibrate our hearts to our minds? How do we learn to tune ourselves into our heart when life has just gotten so full that we can’t think straight? If your mind is ‘fried’ you need a healthy helping of heartset. Even though we don’t listen to our heartbeat it’s still there. It’s the noise of normal that drowns it out. If we don’t look after our heart, artificially beating faster with caffeine to ensure that it keeps up with our mind, it will eventually give out under the strain.
When we live by mindset alone in our ‘normal everyday’ we are looking for extraordinary and wonder why we can’t see anything different.

Take time to listen to your heart 
The quickest way to tune into purpose (the reason why you started) is to unplug from the day to day and listen to your heart. Take some time out. In fact, doing so during the day by breaking the normal routine, will be the greatest health check you’ll ever make. You’re the leader right? The main woman or man in your business… so invest in you for one moment. When you emerge you’ll have more clarity to make the right kind of choices to ensure everyone is healthier.
So take that time alone. Turn off your phone, lay on your bed, put your hand on your heart and listen. Breathe. Listen. Breathe, and there it is… Boom boom boom, your heartbeat. Quiet. Just you, and what lives within.
Now, in that place of peace, ask yourself the question… What do I really want to say yes to?
There… in-between the beats of your heart, in the gaps of silence, is purpose, the song of your heart. Pay attention and listen to it. It was the reason you used to get lost in the day, forgetting to eat, it fired you up and made you brave.
Now… give yourself permission to say yes again, do everything to guard it, and do everything to live it out, delegate everything else, staff the distractions and stay the course.
Purpose brings life. The extraordinary isn’t in a magical place, it’s deep within you. The trouble is, you got lost because you never stopped long enough to listen to what was in your heart.

Today, say yes to the answer you are confronted with. Make your actions line up with your heart. Your job is not to find extraordinary, it is to create extraordinary. We have become experts in mindset alone, focussed on moving forward without looking back to see if we are aligned. One degree of moving forward can take us miles off course. If we don’t take enough time to reflect, we’ll disconnect.

Only the Brave 
Heartset is what you need to reboot your life because your mindset has been causing you to make too many decisions that just don’t align. Heartset chooses what is right above commonly held narratives, the ones you used to question, but now they have become a stronghold against being brave.
Your legacy is written by making heartset choices. It’s more than just emotion, it’s the essence of our being. When all is lost, heartset whispers, come on, when things appear hard, heartset says you can, when you are lost for words, a voice within speaks – heartset is where the creator lives. 
When you know deep down that things don’t add up, that the circumstances in front of you don’t align, and you sense something’s off… that’s heartset. It’s where you are needing to reboot, recalibrate and restore that message written on your heart, the one that gives you your true identity.
Too many people are looking outside for validation, when in fact all you need is a conversation with yourself, in your heart, to bring about transformation. That clarity is the only confidence you’ll need to turn an ordinary life into an extraordinary one.

When being loud in a crowd isn’t enough

The school playground is an interesting place. Everyone remembers it (unless you hail from the home schooling fraternity) and how it was the place to find your mates. As we entered the arena, mates from other classes would be shouting loudly to pull teams together for a ‘kickaround’ or for a game. For me, the playground was the theatre of sports.

As we grew older and we became more fashion conscious, we were identified by our clothing. For me, the item of choice (over the school jumper) was my UMBRO training top. Trend setter that I was, it didn’t take long for nearly everyone else to be wearing one too. Well actually, it was more because we were all watching the same shows.
People wore conspicuous items of clothing like hats, trainers etc that they could be identified by because the shouts in the playground were not loud enough.
When I reflect back, shouting in the playground seldom worked as the crowd grew. The way we identified each other from a distance was by the image we portrayed. The ones that stood out were tuned into what was slightly different. Limited edition trainers were more sought after because they were that little bit different, even though there was a lot of peer pressure to fit in and  be ‘the same’. The savvy ones realised that they didn’t want to fit in, they wanted to stand out. Being cool was about finding ones’ identity.
Fast forward to the music scene of the mid 90’s, and I was being ridiculed for my Beatles haircut, but I hung on in there and it finally came into fashion. My Mum was right, it was cool. Yet, as a young boy, I wanted to change it so badly! I swept it back for the latter part of my school years, in the style of an Italian hitman. Then I heard Oasis… the hair returned (for a season) and then I looked like Liam Gallagher or whoever else I liked in the cool Britannia movement.
Quickly, the whole country looked the same and what I once thought was cool was now out dated. The revival of the mod had grown odd, music had changed and I felt a certain loss of identity. I rediscovered it in my quest to be the best in my field. I was less concerned about fitting in, I wanted to rediscover new styles as well as clothes that were ‘old school’.
You see, clothes carry with them an image and fast fashion comes and goes as we all find our fit. As we get older we become less concerned about what people think and more concerned about who we are.
In the year 2001, I stopped bothering so much about what other people thought. I realised that the loudest voice was actually calling from within. I had shut it down, choosing to live a superficial life instead. That year, for the first time in many years, I stopped and listened to what the inner voice had to say. It was speaking about purpose, which beat any brand, footwear, tops, jackets (I love jackets). I realised that who we really are is not so much shaped by what is going on outside and we are not heard by a lot of noisy shouting to gain attention. We can move through the crowd with quiet assurance, knowing that we are fulfilling purpose during our short time on earth.
Being loud in a crowd isn’t about shouting, it’s about having the confidence to raise your voice and speak with authority. The voices that hold our attention have gravitas and self assurance. Voices like that create movements. They have gone beyond shouting because they are busy ‘doing’. Their actions speak more loudly than their words. Doing the right thing means you don’t have to shout to get found because the right things do get noticed. It’s about the long game and the long game brings with it legacy. When you invest more in your message you don’t have to shout, sometimes a whisper is enough.
When I’m out at networking events, representing our brand marketing agency it grates a little when I encounter a lot of ‘shouting’ (metaphorically speaking). I don’t mean yelling in other people’s faces, it’s more about handing out loads of business cards and going for the sale and trying to close before even opening a conversation. People who have the most to say are not always the ones speaking the most! The people with the most connections are the most self-assured and they’ll engage you in conversation because they known that sharing life is the surest route to conversion.
Our Purpose People group will help you develop that self-assured voice. We have a team of ‘greats’ who can help you with tips, ideas and innovations to help you share your story with your people. That’s right, there are people out there who need you to share what you have within to help them win.
The world has shifted, and while there is seemingly unending negative noise, there is also a voice of hope. A hope that we can still create something from nothing and dream as big as a previous generation who made it to the moon. We need to transition away from the voice of compliance and reliance into the voice of purpose and positivity.
The truth be told, I’m done with lying and I’m much more concerned with telling the truth. Truth starts with aligning yourself with purpose. Every single one of us has a cause to fight, a people to champion, a position to be declared and a power to push. What matters is not what people are saying on the outside, it’s how you respond to the voice on the inside. If these last two years have given us anything positive, it’s that we have had some space to listen to that voice. Now, we are faced with doing something about it. There will always be excuses as to why we didn’t listen, but Purpose People is asking the question, What if? What if you followed the voice, and what if you did succeed? It’s time to heed the call, to stop trying to ‘fit in’ in the playground. It’s time to lead a movement of change, and while I can’t tell you what exactly what that is for you, even as you read you know exactly what I’m talking about. Alignment begins when our words and actions line up (also known as integrity). Integrity is attractive in itself and it speaks and inspires others to follow.
Purpose people is for the world changers, the innovators and the dreamers, but it’s also for the brave, the uninitiated, the curious and the kind. Big always starts small.

The interesting thing is that people that think they can change the world, usually do…

Website building ‘bedroom bandits’ will kill your brand, your reputation and credibility.

In a discussion with our brand marketing team (whilst looking at another hack job/money grab/swindle or whatever you want to call it) it dawned on me there is a pandemic of really bad websites built by people who have no intention of fixing them.

Now, I’m not referring to someone who is brave enough to start a company in their bedroom or their kitchen or even on their sofa because that’s the most viable starting place. No. What I’m hitting on is unskilled website builders charging a huge amount of money (5K) for a bespoke website when in reality it is a template purchased off the internet for $69.

The trouble with templates is that as you scale the developer ‘breaks’ the site to accommodate changes that a proper build would cope with and the ‘developer’ has no idea how to fix it. At this point the developer AKA the bedroom bandit disappears from view to comb social media networks, on the lookout for their next victim. 

So, what exactly should you expect when you approach a new website build? Please note – I have nothing against templates! For certain seasons and in certain reasons they can make sense! But if you’re looking to avoid being fleeced by bandits, read on…

A website is ONE tool in the marketing toolbox, not ALL:

A common misconception is that without a website a company is doomed. For small businesses a Facebook page is often the best place to start. Why? Investing in a website takes belief, and if obtaining more customers helps increase your belief then start gathering them through a Facebook page. Now, if you really want to go BIG and already have the confidence or the existing client base, investing in a website makes a lot of sense, especially when you lead with message. The best way to look at your website investment budget is to ask yourself this question: “Does your budget meet your belief?” 

Often, when we ask what a potential client’s budget is, and they say ‘low’, it actually means that they have a low belief in their project – when you build a website you’ve got to see it in terms of the number of sales it will generate. For instance, if you charge 5K for a coaching programme and a technical teaching site costs close on 20k along with funnels etc., you need to know you can sell more than 4 coaching programmes! If you don’t believe you can, then adjust your investment and requirements.

In a similar vein, if you want a BMW, and you don’t have the belief for one, then you might need to adjust your aspirations and drive a mid level Ford for  a season. It serves you, but the experience is limited.

While websites are not the be ALL and end all, they demonstrate credibility and that can make ALL the difference.

A website should have a story, not just be a directory of your services

A lot of people want a website straight away but what they actually need is a brand first. Brand is more than a logo, a logo doesn’t make you unique. What makes you unique isn’t always the services you offer either, it’s more about your story. Sharing your story creates empathy and that provides an entrance point to talk about how you can help the potential client. Testimonies and case studies show who you are working for, while regularly sharing mini stories with insights, via a blog, enhances your authority.

When people know your story, they are more interested in how you can help them craft theirs. If you tell your story enough you might even get asked to write a book. Speaking of which, why not check out The Crisis Catalyst?

A website should give something of value away for FREE:

On that whole information piece, a website should collect data. Why? To keep you in contact with your people. Not everyone will do business with you, but the value you offer will help your sector to flourish. It creates confidence. This is why I’m addressing ‘bedroom bandits’(!) It’s because when we give away value and insights, it builds trust. One of the first barriers to doing business in marketing is when people have been stung by ‘marketing’ and the trust issues that follow

In the early days, when we used to add value and someone ran away with our ideas without spending a penny with us we’d get a bit sad. Now, older and a bit wiser, we know that we’re here to serve and not to sell. I give away far more than I charge for but that is, I believe, why many of our clients have worked with us for years. Those that continue to simply take get found out. Do good, great happens, do bad, stuff happens!
When you are value led, you become valuable. Aside from building brands and websites we are well networked and we have opened many doors for our clients, answered many questions without invoicing for it and widened our circles of influence.
A website should work and be invested in monthly:
Your website is a living, breathing thing. Plug-ins need updating, content needs writing regularly and the behaviour of users should dictate the evolution of the site as it scales. If you are not investing in your website regularly then people won’t come back, you won’t be collecting email addresses and your business will lose hundreds of opportunities.
The return of investment starts with data and getting ‘dates’ rather than immediate transactions. The website is part of the journey, but if you don’t follow up on the leads, answer the chat or call someone back, you’re missing the point. Websites create traction and should involve more than one transaction. While people will check you out on LinkedIn to see who you are, your website should reveal more depth – why you exist and how you make a difference. Investing monthly means you are committed to marketing. Learn to play the long game. Consistency fuels visibility.
A website should be scalable:
We often get caught up in the now rather than in the journey to Wow! Businesses change and size up. Cre8ion has changed and scaled since we launched out in 2016. Five years on, we are creating some amazing new things that take brand and build community. Belief is amazing, but ‘a sense of belonging’ means traction. That is why we are getting closer to launching our Purpose People platform. The focus is on helping thousands of people double down on purpose and tell their story the right way. We want to influence a landscape, not just a back garden. We exist to help people build purposeful brands.
Our Purpose People platform is not far off, in the meantime sign up to our Facebook group here!
‘Bedroom bandits’ chase the money to feed their habits. Cre8ion focus on adding value to an industry and whilst doing so we get paid for dedicated projects, we help businesses scale and celebrate the success of others. We exist to make impact first and we’ll help you maximise your time, talent and treasure for the greater good.
So, don’t get hung up on the method, first address your message to give your website momentum. Avoiding ‘bedroom bandits’ means you can instil strong marketing habits!

When people power propels purpose.

As entrepreneurs we are used to going it alone and it can be lonely at the top.

Well, I have surprise for you! What if I told you I have already found nearly 800 like-minded entrepreneurs who want to meet up? They are committed to purpose and learning, as well as to hard work. They aren’t perfect (who is?) but they are focussed, led by the heart and not allowing themselves to be distracted from what matters most.

It’s an interesting situation for us entrepreneurs, on the one hand we love being out there alone and disruptive but, on the other hand, we need a few people on our side to champion our cause. We don’t like being part of a crowd or to even follow one because we prefer to lead, know the way and show the way. In reality though, if there were a few more people walking with us, life would be a bit easier.

The last few weeks we have been sharing about our commitment to help people with our revamped Purpose People space. It is growing in depth and reach, with the intention of helping you meet other people who are on the same journey as yourself.

Imagine a group of people who are doing what they really want to do. They all meet in a forum where it is ok to ask each other questions when they get stuck. That’s right, when one person in the group is preparing to take a leap of faith, they have the benefit of someone in the circle who has already done something similar. It’s ok to reach out to that person for advice to ensure a better landing. A bit like having a parachute.

Perhaps there aren’t many people around you who think in the same pioneering way as you. Entrepreneurs the world over struggle to find other people who pioneer as their day job. Purpose People is a rich body of people who are living the dream while doing life’s journey.

With so many statistics thrown at us to dissuade u, something inside has to pull us, drawing us to embrace the risk, because what is on the other side is worth it in the end.

You just don’t fit in. The daily norm is your worst nightmare. The house, the car, the dog, the wife and the kids are all great but you just want more. You want to leave an impact, make an impression. Rather than being the person that pays the mortgage and the bills to keep everyone happy, you want more of something else…to give everything meaning.

That is it right there. I think that since the pandemic many people have been confronted with a lack of meaning in what they are doing. We ask questions in isolation. Perhaps the life I’m living now isn’t the one I dreamed of…

Many people have heard my story, but in essence, my journey began a long time ago when I made a choice to abort the plan that had been running in my head and run instead towards what was in my heart (the thing I had been ignoring for many years).

As I took that leap of faith I discovered so much more on the other side. I had been an award winning art director, who was going to co-own the brand marketing agency I worked for. Today, however, I have three businesses that I either own or co-own, (Cre8ion, Di9ital and Hum4ns). I also wrote a book and contributed a chapter to an Amazon best seller, and that’s just the start! My point is this, until you step out into ‘purpose’ you don’t know how much more of you is still untapped. We often limit our potential because we can only see what we are prepared to see. Others can see so much more in us than we can ourselves.

There is nothing like having people around you who can encourage you to step into your superpower. You don’t need to follow a crowd but having a crowd can help spur you on in those tough moments.

The real power of Purpose People is knowing a crowd of people who have walked from opportunities that made sense in the head but not in the heart. These are people who are brave enough to follow their dream. I was fortunate in that I found someone who was as crazy as me to do the journey together! She decided to press abort on normal and go after purpose. I’m talking about Clare (my wife). Not everyone is that fortunate and even in a relationship entrepreneurship can make you feel alone sometimes.

Now, from that place where you are feeling a bit alone, imagine if there were a movement of people from all over the world that could inspire you and you them. An inspirational community connecting and sharing opportunities! The world needs you and the world needs us. It’s time to join the tribe and work together to thrive.

You can join purpose people on Facebook right now. Then, from the Facebook group, you’ll be able to become part of our new platform, designed to give you even more value and inspire you to embrace what’s in your heart.

To join, just click here. Straightaway, you’ll get some morning inspiration and be able to introduce yourself to the 800 innovators, leaders, disrupters, and adventurers.

Life is just better when you do it on purpose, together!

Community presents the most worthwhile opportunity.

Brand is about belonging. Why? Each brand has its logo, and its values determine whether we invest in it or switch our allegiances. The most important thing about brand isn’t what it looks like, it’s 100% what people say about it. The mistake a lot of people make is they think expert marketing is enough to secure people’s continued investment. Yet, just like with dating, looks might get the initial attention, but conversation creates the retention. Businesses today need to change their conversations if they want to be heard above the noise. 

It’s a surprising fact that many people don’t have a LIVE database where they regularly send insights and up to date content about the market sector they are in.

Sending out a ‘latest offer’ or ‘incentive’ might not be enough and your ad spend gets lost in the thousands of ads competing for attention. What if there was a different way which didn’t require an ad spend? Imagine building a business around content and community without any restriction of reach… It can be done and I’d love to show you how. I believe that when you give enough value you become an authority in the hearts and minds of your target audience.

With an ad spend comes the assumption that it’s the social media networks that will make the most money. A 1% return on a mass ad campaign is somehow acceptable. True, it will enable you to target a niche, but actually the best business is done with people you know. The more people know you and consider you to be an authority, the more willing they will be to invest in a higher ticket service or product.

You might think that losing a lead happens as a result of a lack of time, or a lack of budget for ad spend, but I believe that it’s a lack of confidence in your ability to deliver. Much is said about finding more time and upping your budget, but what about giving people confidence to invest in you just by being authentic? It would be worth it, right? When people see that you know your stuff they are willing to invest their time and resources! 

The no.1 reason why people don’t do business with you, is belief, pure and simple. They don’t believe that you can and that is one of the key reasons you NEED to build a community. A community gives you a platform to establish your authority and every day you can offer value. It’s more to do with giving than getting and empowering people with the tools they need to succeed. Then they can run on even further than you have.

One of my aims in starting the Purpose People group is to fill the gap between waking up and starting the day with an encouraging post to help people start on the front foot. Why? Because for many of us leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners we are doing it alone! For me, that’s the primary reason for helping people just like you, because I know where you’re at! 

Now what can I bring to help you? Well, I have 30 years of design and communication expertise – brand is my thing! For the first ten years of my journey I was building for me, until I realized that a true reward is only found when you build for others. Then, I invested the next 20 years into a church and a charity, building a department that could turn the media into a power for good, not just gain.

It’s this approach that I’m bringing to the Purpose People platform, because I believe wholeheartedly that when we share our journey with others we become stronger and more purposeful. Our platform is designed to connect people who are committed to living their power. 

We’ll be teaching you the power of ‘heartset’ and how, when it’s aligned with mindset, it unlocks the momentum within. 

The more authority you have in your space the more trust you’ll gain. People won’t doubt your ability.

Building a community around your brand is the best thing you can do to ensure legacy, it protects you from chasing the herd on social media and breathes new life into your database.

With a sense of belonging it’s so much easier to engage in conversation and, as a result, establish your name within the hearts and minds of the audience you know you can do your best work for.

It will take work, it will take investment of time, talent and sharing some of your ‘treasure’, but when you build your tribe you position yourself to thrive. Databases should be platforms for conversations first and conversions second. That’s why our team at Cre8ion are investing into a platform full of value to show you the power of leading with impact rather than income.

Now listen, not everything will be FREE, and there will be paid opportunities but there is no way we’ll be asking you to invest without knowing that you are going to get a whole load of value first. We want you to interact with our brand in the right way, so that it wins hearts and minds rather than offending eyes and frustrating with lies (little rhyme there). There will always be great content designed to equip you to get results first so you’ll know you can trust what we say and take action right where you are.

Rather than leading with selling we want to lead with serving. We want to help you build your fame and name among your people with whom you can have the greatest positive influence.  

Brands that win create belief but they also have a community that surrounds them.

Over the years I have built an amazing network of friends in business, and now I’m bringing them together so you’ll be able to meet them as well. Everyone I know, everyone one that I’ve connected with, who have helped add value will be in this space as well. Why? Because they are living out purpose and they are passionate about seeing everyone switch onto their power and empower others. They have chosen to double down on the most important things in life and help others prioritise what is important.

Cre8ion have connected and helped thousands of people to align their mission, vision and values to the right things. The Purpose People Platform will provide you with insights that have created tangible results. We’ve helped people to scale their businesses and strengthened and empowered organisations to do greater things.

Finally, you will also be hearing from key members of our team about all things pertaining to brand communication, how to position yourself and how leading with values makes your business more valuable. Community presents the most worthwhile opportunity to establish your business as an authority, giving people confidence in you as they hear your message rather than just your methods.

Don’t just believe us, join us.

Sign up to the new platform HERE for FREE until the end of November 2022.

Putting yourself in control of the conversation

Picture the scene. You have been invited to an event, so you’ve dressed up and are feeling excited about the 500 new people you are due to meet. You arrive at the event, (which has been booked for 500 people) and yet the host says you can only speak with 50 of them. Then, just before you move from the reception to the main room, someone else stops you and tells you that you can only use certain words at the event and hands you a piece of paper. Now, feeling very uncomfortable about the whole thing, you are told that the way you are dressed means you can only speak to 30 people. You decide that this event isn’t what you signed up for, screw the paper up, do up your coat and decide to go and be social elsewhere.

Sound weird? Well, in the world of social media, this is fast becoming the norm. Social groups are getting restricted and the reach is increasingly becoming managed in a way that means the only people that benefit are the people who own the venue.
At our brand marketing agency, Cre8ion, we are firm believers in community and what it means to BELONG. Sadly, the online world is increasingly dominated by the art of writing for an algorithm in order to become known, rather than becoming known by being a part of something. Your voice only gains attention if you pay for it. We aim to disrupt this way of operating because we know that there is a better way, namely, building a following and establishing a community. Our unique insights are first going to be demonstrated by our Purpose People group and, by using a great new platform, with no restriction on reach, we are going to be able to better help you to fulfill your purpose, with or without our services.
We have been considering the situation with algorithms over recent weeks and the frustrations people are having with some social media platforms and groups and we are doing something about it. We’ve done our research and we will begin migrating followers from all across our social networks into our Purpose People community. Social will signpost you to the right ‘venue’, but once at the venue your invitation will open the doors to some brand new, exciting content.
So, our NEW Purpose People group will allow you to join our exclusive and inclusive community for FREE until the end of November. There will be some content just for you, and by the end of November 2021 the doors will be closed as a paid membership group. For the early adopters (that’s you), you will get FREE access until November 2022 and be first on the list for any exclusive events!
The purpose of the group is simply that – purpose. Helping those on a mission with a big vision to share. It’s about a community of people from all over the globe who are committed to living life on purpose. Behind the group is a team that has launched thousands of people into their purpose, using tools that are unique to our brand agency Cre8ion, tools to give you the confidence to turn your dreams into reality.
Purpose not Politics:
No matter what your political standpoint, social media has become a political minefield. Whether you are right or left, blue or red, you won’t catch us discussing it in Purpose People. For us, purpose transcends political persuasion.
Action not Algorithms:
What you see often isn’t what you want to see, and nowadays, sharing great content won’t always get the reach you once got. When groups have a thousand members and shared content is only seen by hundreds, you know it’s time to look elsewhere. We want everyone to be able to see the conversation and have a voice that can be heard. We want to inspire everyone to action and not get swamped by algorithms.
Serving not selling:
We want our Purpose People group to be a safe space. One of the things people hate about certain networks is being bombarded by selling. The ads, the DM’s, the constant cries to do business now… it all makes you feel like a number rather than a human. Our focus is not on selling, it’s on serving. Any opportunity is just that, an opportunity to serve you better.
Conversations not conversions:
The Purpose People group aims to get people talking about what it means to step out ‘on purpose’ and choose to live it. While there will be the opportunity to sign up for courses, events and more added value content, it’s there to help you succeed. We can honestly say the insights and clarity you will gain from being part of this group are worth thousands, and that’s just the FREE stuff.
So why sign up now…
Our FREE group will allow you to explore and enjoy regular posts and exclusive videos on Purpose designed to inspire and fire you up to commit to your dream.
>Daily motivational posts
>A community of like minded people
>Regular videos on building ‘purpose driven’ businesses
>Guest speakers into the room
>Weekly Blog content
>Monthly Zoom into the room
If you want to sign up for our paid group from today, here’s what you’ll get…

Lobby (Entry Level) £49.99 pm

>Access to Purpose People and its community 
>A monthly community event
>Active conversation with community admins
>Daily Posts / Insights
>Access ALL videos
>2 x free books: Crisis Catalyst / Play the Game

VIP (Mid Level) £199 pm

>Access to Purpose People and its community 
>A monthly community event
>Active conversation with community admins
>Daily Posts / Insights
>Access ALL videos
>2 x free books: Crisis Catalyst / Play the Game

Extra VIP Benefits:
>A monthly Zoom 2hr webinar
>A monthly Zoom Master Class with 1 hr Q&A

Elite (High Level) £997 pm

>Access to Purpose People and its community 
>A monthly community event
>Active conversation with community admins
>Daily Posts / Insights
>Access ALL videos
>2 x free books: Crisis Catalyst / Play the Game
>A monthly Zoom 2hr webinar
>A monthly Zoom Master Class with 1 hr Q&A

Extra Elite Benefits: 12 Person Master Class with Guest Speakers

Additional Paid Content
>Retreat away days
>1:1 Mentoring
>Guest Speaker Webinar Tickets
Until the end of November 2021 we are inviting people to hop on over to our exclusive and inclusive Purpose People group which you can sign up for right here.

Switching from cash to cause

If Cash was King, Cause is God.

Kings throughout history have been motivated by rule, power and position, God, on the other hand, is motivated by love.
Interestingly enough, the biggest switch up we have seen in the marketplace, from a brand marketing perspective, is the growing number of companies looking to make a transition from being motivated by just generating income to also making an impact.
The Baby Boomers are retiring from a quest for cash and the generation that served under them (Generation X) are seeing that the legacy they have left behind is far from positive. Divorce, alcoholism, drugs, depression, affairs, corruption and abuse have filled the news. Names once championed in the business world have been exposed.
Now, no-one is perfect but the phrase that we are hearing regularly in our Purpose Playbook sessions is…”We just want to DO better”, not build back better, or batter or butter!
Covid has given us perspective. Some of us already went through a similar kind of crisis, but now everyone is going through it together… We want to be more, do more and do it better.
Now, I’m not saying ALL the previous generations were recklessly mercenary and today’s generation is 100% altruistic. Actually, that is a problem in our current society, people think that the current generation is better than the last! However, what about the 17 year olds in World War 2 bravely flying Spitfires into enemy fire? That does seem to trump 17 year olds today on social media spitting fire!
No one generation is perfect!
What I am saying is that society’s motivations change. After the war, people wanted to pursue a better standard of living away from rations. At the time, earning more money represented freedom. Making money and earning money was the way out of poverty. I think that pursuit came at a price, with family taking second place to work. Baby Boomers continue to divorce more than any other age group.
Then came Generation X, motivated by the opportunity that the new world offered. Baby Boomers looked to adopt a business son or daughter to right their wrongs and find a protégé. Generation X started to ask questions and rather than climbing the ladder of success, they chose not to follow, deciding they would do it by themselves. This new generation led the internet boom and made starting a business cool rather than madness. Yet, this promised life of financial freedom meant long hours and the same mistakes as the previous generation.
Fast forward to today with the millennials asking the same questions, although this time against a backdrop of comfort and the trappings of materialism. Comfort nullifying cause. The millennial generation saw that you could do better but it seemed that they wanted someone else to do it for them. They wanted to escape – and found that life online was better than the one they lived offline.
Then Covid hit and the world was put on pause. The generations all started asking the same questions. For people of all ages it wasn’t enough to accept that cash was king, people were awakened to a cause that promised, faith, hope and love. Business, entrepreneurship and leadership suddenly had more impact when people chose to serve rather than living entitled lives. It seemed that we woke up to the fact that we could collectively use our skills for good and not evil and that being selfless rather than selfish could still win in business. A desire for everyone to win rather than just an elite few. Living in generational silos has narrowed our thinking and given us less of what we all really need… perspective.
So competition and winning, breakfast is for wimps, manning up, girls games, law of the jungle, don’t take business personally, have all become defunct… We discovered a new way, a better way.
Medieval kings were dictatorial, not collaborative. They led by fear and were often not on the same page as their subjects.
So, here we are at the close of another year. Q4 is almost done and another year dominated by a virus is almost gone. 2022 is an opportunity to focus on what unites us rather than on what divides us. We can disagree rather than cancel, celebrate differences rather than demand that we are all the same. It’s time to play in the spaces where we can flourish.
Doing better is knowing that the business you have will take everyone working together. Being different is what helps give us perspective and makes us stronger, not weaker. A brand isn’t just pretty pictures, it can be a cause to get behind. It’s a body of people committed to making an impact and it creates a reputation ahead of itself. Companies that don’t operate this way will eventually see their influence fade because we expect more, we want to do more and ultimately leave more behind than we did.
Legacy for any business is vital and the signs are there that 80% of businesses on the market to buy will never sell. Is it that they have become a glorified expense account, built to serve the king and when the king is dead the children fight over the inheritance?
Today, purposeful brands are building with 100 year visions and are recognising that building a legacy lasts beyond one generation. This approach to life is something that sets charities apart. They know that solving hunger is a massive problem, but they are doing something to alleviate it in the present with a keen eye on the future.
Why? Because love motivates them. When a business adopts this way of thinking they turn from serving self to serving the greater good. So, if you are a shoemaker like TOMS then with every purchase you give away a pair or you are a tech company that builds great tools but makes room for the marginalised . Or, if you have seen the damage that chasing money and titles can bring then build a culture that is opposite from what an industry dictate – long hours with no overtime expectations, to a 4 day work week. We adopted this culture at Cre8ion because we didn’t want the business flourishing at the expense of the whole team’s family and well being!
When you choose love as your motivator, the company focus is flipped to giving not taking – we call it ‘impact over income’, or ‘cause over cash’. You can build a company whose reputation speaks for itself and in doing so adopt one of the greatest brand strategies in the world…to CARE.

Darrell has contributed a chapter to “Play the Game”, written by 17 game-changing business leaders and compiled by Adam Strong. It is now available for pre-order on Amazon for $0.99.

The power of community

There are over 10M+ groups on Facebook
There are over 1.4B people using groups every month
More than half of Facebook users signed up to more than five groups each

Over the last six months our Facebook Group, dedicated for Purpose People has steadily grown. It has brought people together, providing a forum for people to share, be inspired and ultimately refuel from the ‘busyness’ involved in entrepreneurship. Anybody who has ever started something from nothing will know what it entails. 

There are people I know really well in the group, relationships from way back to relatively recent, as well as people I have met here for the first time. 

I have been speaking to the 750+ people in this group, and the content has morphed into a daily pep talk, a 60 to 90 second read to get you going and keep you believing in the dream you’re building. These are not recycled posts, they are usually written on the morning of each day in an effort to encourage others and bring insights and inspiration. As I write, I hope that someone will get value from it. Thankfully, that does seem to be the case as I have often been stopped durning the day by people saying just that.

In my opinion, the biggest hindrance to building anything from scratch is belief. When we fail or miss the mark our belief that we can succeed is rocked a little. It feels great to scope out a grand vision but then we have to believe that we can make it happen. Belief is fundamental to achieving anything notable.

Belief in you is a great place to start. If we find ourselves in a place of self doubt it’s hard to ignore it but we still have to choose to keep moving forward. Linked to belief is faith. Personally, I have faith in God that has shaped me. It has kept me pushing through in the midst of the impossible. I have seen miracles in my own life that have enhanced it, and even in midst of tough and testing times I’ve managed to emerge stronger.

Another important belief to have is a belief in others. It is imperative that we believe in ourselves so we can get out of the way and show faith in others. Sometimes that will mean showing faith in people when they can’t see it themselves, listening to them as they voice, vent and question the vision that they are pursuing.

As a leader, I understand that showing faith in people empowers them and increases the impact your organisation can have. If our group Purpose People can help just one person to refuse to quit, double down and embrace their ‘call’ then it has achieved its purpose and been a meaningful exercise.

I remember Mark. We had a 30 minute Zoom following a chance meeting in Clubhouse. He said that I had inspired him to start a Facebook group, so he did… and he called it, “Hey guess what? I love you”. Today that group is 2.4K strong is encouraging people all over the world. Whenever I comment he thanks me for changing his world for the better. It wasn’t me, it was all him, all I did was point out the problem. He had a voice but just needed to create a better platform to amplify it!

You will need to take steps of faith. Faith in God, faith in your vision, faith in people. The point is you can’t achieve anything without putting your belief into action.

I started the group, Purpose People, to inspire belief and wake people up out of a slumber. It’s all about getting people out of the ‘ticking over’ mentality. You were not born to tick over. In a sea of negative comments it’s time we create positive worlds, starting with positive words. The right words can create the right world and if you allow yourself some time to digest them at the start of your day, life can look different.

At Cre8ion we are building some exciting new things to enable Purpose People to do even more with the community, sharing inspirational insights to help people make informed decisions and live out their purpose. We are in the process of building our new website to serve those looking to launch out, reinvent and make waves. Community will be at the heart of the next phase of the Cre8ion journey and we believe all serious brands should be thinking about community.

Over the last few months I’ve connected with some incredible people and realised that for me there could be more to writing, so I wrote a book.. about living a purposeful life and dealing with its biggest hindrance – Crisis. The next step is to launch a podcast to help people address excuses and realise that people hearing what you have to say is more important than listening to the insecurities that hold you back.

Community ultimately creates a culture of sharing and adding value. That’s why I firmly believe our brand marketing agency is unique. Cre8ion leads with purpose and there is nothing like the Purpose Playbook in the market that helps you set a course firmly for it.

We build brands that inspire belief and create belonging, to become the best in their sector and go beyond expectations.

How investing in R&D can give you a License to Chill.

A question we are often asked as a brand marketing agency is “How do I secure the legacy of my company and remain relevant in the marketplace?” Or put more simply, “How do I future proof my business?”

Our four step branding process, (Belief, Belong, Best and Beyond) provides a marketing strategy for your current and future business. Beyond concerns your future.

So, let’s talk about Beyond… but before we do, let’s talk about Bond. James Bond.

The new Bond movie, “No Time to Die” is on general release in Britain on Thursday and thanks to Covid 19 it is hitting our screens a year and a half behind schedule. “No Time to Die” was directed by Emmy-winning US filmmaker Cary Joji Fukunaga who said in a promotional video that his Bond is “like a wounded animal”, struggling because “the world has changed, the rules of engagement aren’t what they used to be: the rules of espionage (are) darker in this era of asymmetric warfare”. 

It would seem that for Bond, as for all of us, the goal posts have moved. Hopefully, his hi-tech gadgets will help him to regain his footing.

Do you feel a bit like Bond today? Are there any hi-tech gadgets you need to give you that edge and keep your business out in front? Maybe you have already had an idea for a tech product related to your services but no idea how to bring it to market.

We advise our clients to invest in R&D as a future-proofing strategy, no matter the size of the business. If you have an innovative idea for a new product or service R&D can help you bring it to life and give you the edge you are looking for. The advantages of R&D give you a James Bond-like armoury to serve your audience, surprise your competition and become a market leader.

I’d like to introduce you to the benefits of five top Bond gadgets and of their R&D counterparts.

5. Remote controlled BMW

The 1997 film ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ featured a full-sized BMW 750iL that could be summoned and even controlled by a mobile phone. Bond would summon the car to help him succeed in any number of difficult situations.

The remote controlled BMW works a bit like the tax relief that R&D enables you to call in and help you succeed even when the going gets tough. If you are running an R&D project you can claim R&D tax relief to reduce your company’s tax bill or, alternatively, choose to receive a tax credit instead by way of a cash sum paid by HM Revenue and Customs.

4. X Ray glasses

‘The World is not Enough’ (1999) saw 007 sporting a pair of polarising sunglasses which gave him the power of X-Ray vision and a certain competitive edge.

Similarly,  through R&D your business can gain the competitive edge with your target market and your new products and services will generate new intellectual property which could bring in further financial benefit.

3. Grenade pen

The explosive pen was a fictional miniature grenade disguised as a ballpoint pen, first seen in the 1995 James Bond film ‘Goldeneye’.  The explosive pen was so successful it was used in several later Bond films.

The funding that R&D can bring in is the explosive pen of this list. Investing in R&D creates not one but many opportunities for businesses to seek public-sector innovation, research and development. Grants or even global funding and support for innovation. 

2. Jet pack

1965’s Thunderball saw Sean Connery using a jet pack to escape from some nasty villains.

The extra income that R&D generates for your business will enable you to soar upwards, jet-pack style. The unique products and services resulting from successful R&D projects can generate new or enhanced income streams and R&D can also attract potential new investors to your business, as well as JVs and partnerships.

1.The submarine Lotus

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) introduced one of the most memorable Bond cars of all time: a white, wedge-shaped, 1976 Lotus Esprit sports car whose U.S.P. was that it doubled up as a submarine. In fact, two different Esprits were used during production, one of which was the modified underwater model. Much later, at auction in 2013, it sold for nearly $1 million.

R&D works in the same way for your business, helping you to develop unique products and services. Your unique product or service doesn’t even have to be entirely new either. R&D can drive product improvement or innovation within the existing business offering.

Investing in R&D brings so many long term financial benefits to your business that it can give you the exit strategy you need to step into your well-deserved retirement. In a similar vein, No Time to Die signals the end of an era as Daniel Craig’s last Bond film giving rise to a tide of speculation over who will fill Bond’s Crockett and Jones slip-ons…

If you need any advice on how to best market your brand or how to formulate a ‘Beyond’ strategy for your business, why not sign up for a Cre8ion workshop today? Alternatively, if you have an innovative idea for a tech product we can put you in touch with our sister company, Digital, who can create it for you.

From Bristol, with love….